Trees of Childhood and Long Ago

It’s easier to paint a tree, than to grow a tree, I think now. As I grow older and impatiently wait for the maple I planted three years ago to grow more.  My paintings of trees hold the memories of trees of childhood and long ago.

Here’s some of my favorite tree paintings…each one has a special meaning in my childhood. Nature has always been my friend.  I ache for all the trees the world and country loses every year to development, clear cuts, and to forest fires. We’re coming to the anniversary of Sonoma County’s forest fire.

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2 thoughts on “Trees of Childhood and Long Ago

  1. Irene. This was so beautiful. I remember you as a little girl drawing, painting and designing doll houses. Mary Jo Hunt

    • Mary Jo, how special to know you remember. The people in The Community and families we knew like yours, are part of the confidence in heaven. What do you think about heaven? Thanks, Irene

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