Garden Gnomes and the Magic Camel… stories of restoration

Irene Rowlery painting two garden gnomes

Me, retouching the two garden gnomes with acrylic paint.

Last week I pulled Mom’s two garden gnomes out of storage in my garage, and restored them. It is the least I can do for my mom, since she was feeling sick.

Honestly I have been procrastinating. I had promised to do this years ago, but I did not know how to restore garden art, while still retaining its original charm. I am a good girl when it comes to maintaining “original charm” and “artistic authenticity.” continue reading

Seven Ideas from Pinterest

Irene in sunglasses, Life size fluffy white rabbit Puppet., and Airstream Trailer in background.Well I have been off working on my new vision board collage, the sparkle collage, where I envision what I want in life. So to keep you all busy while I work, here are 7 new ideas from Pinterest that I liked, and so thought I would pass along. Pinterest is a great jump off point for creative folks.
These suggestions are based on my own interests and browsing history …. buyer beware they seem to think I am a little kid at heart! continue reading