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Irene, Maker's Fair, Fluffy Puppet, Airstream Trailer

Irene at the Makers Fair

by Irene Rowley

This Art Scraps Blog will feature different art projects, using found objects and scraps of material that would otherwise be thrown away. The blog will be about where to find and how to recycle scraps into attractive art. For example one can rejuvenate old objects with decoupage, turn broken pottery shards into mosaics, decorate rocks, build and decorate dollhouses, or express yourself with collages.

Expected Audience: People who are looking for an arts and crafts project, especially the environmentalist types who like to recycle.

Reason I want create this blog:  I have been making art out of scraps all my life. It is a great part of who I am. I can share all sorts of ideas and thoughts on creating art with castaway things. I have many ideas for this blog.

Irene Rowley, Fall 2015


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