The Great Afterlife for Artists

glacier mountain painting top by Irene RowleyToday I will share my vision of what a great heaven would be like for an artist.  You see, ever since childhood, I have all these ideas about heaven. Sometimes, my friends hear me talking about what heaven will be like, and they indicate that they have never thought as much about it, as I have. In fact, they indicate I should write my description of heaven down, it is so fantastic and peculiar. Now, I never thought of myself as peculiar… but I get that response a lot as an artist.

I think heaven is a place for artists to live and create with all the materials they wanted, but never had on earth. My ideas about Heaven while growing up were based on the C.S Lewis books, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Great Divorce,  both describing heaven as a place of full of life, where you can your live more fully, than you ever have before, in contrast to Hell.  C.S. Lewis did a very good job of igniting my imagination. There is also a few other religions that influenced me, and something about how it is a giant sand box for you to invent sand castles with.

In MY dreams of heaven, an artist in heaven will never, ever run out of paint, and never have to cut back on paint, just because we cannot afford it. God just gives me more paint, whenever we need some more.  I will be able to create life size masterpieces with plenty of paint and canvas.

I can paint out doors, without my fingers getting numb from the cold, and without the light overshining my eyes, and without this new arthritis in my fingers,  so that I can really capture those outdoor scenes well.

The arthritis in my ring fingers will be gone, so that I can paint gracefully, with no fear of aging.

Paint brushes magically clean themselves, as long as I can remember to say “get clean, paint brush”.

the grand entryway

beautiful home in heaven ?

Now moving onto the house I imagine for myself in heaven:  Since there is no mortgage or taxes, I can afford a beautiful mansion made of bricks, with a cobblestone pathways and an orchard of Quaking Aspens, apricot trees and cherry trees. It seems to be within walking distance of a beach, in sunny weather.  It will be full of natural beauties such as hand-carved oak and cherry furniture. I can decorate it myself, and make any furniture of my own, merely by having the intention and a loving heart about it.

When it comes to art, music and homes to live in, there is no limit to what the imagination can create, as long as it is loving and full of goodness.

I can have a little treasure box. Anything on earth that was special to me but was broken, damaged or stolen, I can put into the treasure box. Overnight while I sleep, the item will magically repair and become good as new. For example, my felt green coat, and the Pentax camera I once had.

mom sees two gnomes

lots of friends and loved ones, in heaven, come knocking at your door?

But the most important part of heaven, I think, may be speaking with angels and other good souls. Souls who are like minded will be my friends.  I will like to gather the ones  together that want to paint with me, in a little painting class on Tuesday afternoons, just like I had as a little girl on earth…

In fact, I will write music too, and will write about and teach all of my wisdom, the wisdom I have learned in life, and express how much I love everything with music and art.

I can if I wish have my friends over, and food magically appears for them to eat. There might be not any alcohol, but the Coffee drinks, and Orange Julius drinks  are so good, you never miss it.

I can talk to any famous artist in heaven I want from the past, like: Rembrandt and Monet,  I’ll attend their art classes. I’ll ask Rembrandt if we are related somehow.

I can go on and on about heaven. these are just some of the things I imagined. I hope I have entertained you with how an artist wants things to be.

2 thoughts on “The Great Afterlife for Artists

  1. I just found out my neighbor of 20 years Joseph (Joe) died yesterday. This post is dedicated to Joseph, age 80 years old, rest in peace. Joe was a true neighbor.

  2. Irene:
    What a beautiful picture of heaven you paint with words. You definitely will go to your artist heaven on the other side of the vail and really experience all the beautiful things you write about plus all your dreams you express through your painting and much more. ?

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