Art and Sacred Spaces

dollhouse closeup of a doll reads on a patio

One of my imaginary sacred spaces is this patio in my dollhouse.

This spring, I have had to make my way back to my sacred space in my memories, and just sit and “be still” a while. I’ve been retreating to and visualizing my sacred places where I feel safe and happy. Art is one way I can share it and nurture it. Words cannot do my dreams enough justice.

Much of my art is about creating and nurturing a sacred space, and going to the quiet places in my mind.

I think of a sacred space as a physical or imagined quiet place that allows me to be fully myself, in touch with nature and my spirituality.

No matter what the world does or says, we need to protect our own sacred places, respect them and nurture them.

I often like to paint places that are peaceful or the wilderness. My family read books on how to interpret dreams and so ever since I was a little girl, I began to pay attention to my own dreams. Now that I am a woman I see how closely my art reflects my dreams. So thank God that I tend to have beautiful and happy dreams! I sometimes dream of flying over mountains and speaking to angels. I often dream of exploring the world. I see the most beautiful mountains, valleys and waterfalls in my dreams.

I have things to paint, enough for a lifetime actually. My family would always go to the mountains to hike and camp in the summer. In California we have the beautiful Sierra Nevada with white granite peaks, meadows and glistening lakes. They are often in my dreams.

I also have these dreams where I can write music, it just flows from me. It is a full orchestra with harmonies and melodies that I could never be able to put on paper or rewrite again.

Now when making art, it undoubtedly happens that our little art scraps become symbols, and the symbols often protect a personal experience and sacred thoughts. We might not even know it … but the scraps do mean something.

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