1 step1 unfinished painting 2step2 unfinished painting3 step3 unfinished painting

4 step4 finished painting

Artist's Notes:

  1. Painting in the beginning stage.
  2. I painted the VW Bug and began to fill in details on the house
  3. I continued to add to the house, foreground and background.
  4. Finished painting.

The INSPIRATION for this picture my childhood home in Albany, California.This interpretation is from direct observation of how my childhood home looks currently. Little has changed in the past 40 years, except for the car. We used to have a '56 Chevy where there is now a VW bug that reminds me of the movie "Herbie". I'd like to paint pictures of the Chevy as soon as possible.

Sometimes you make painful CHOICES for the GREATER WHOLE. In this case, that was not necessary because everything in the current scene was balanced. I just needed to pick a viewing angle. I loved that front porch.

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